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Le Plaisir – Desenzano, Brescia

13 aprile, 2007

Discoteca Le Plaisir in Desenzano – Brescia

Le Plaisir Desenzano
Who said fetish?


Vinitaly by night – Verona

3 aprile, 2007

Exclusive private after-Vinitaly party

Verona after vinitaly

Verona after vinitaly

Vinitaly fair – Verona

2 aprile, 2007

Vinitaly is worldwide the most important wine fair, with some (not too much IMHO) cool guys and girls

vinitaly fair in verona

vinitaly fair verona
Scarface look for the jap

vinitaly fair verona

vinitaly fair verona

vinitaly fair verona
We absolutety didn’t like the brown shoes,
but he looked like K. Lagerfeld

verona vinitaly fair
Lovely hat!