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Party outside Verona

25 giugno, 2007

Street Chic at a party in a city somewhere around Verona.

cities around verona
Hey, we already found this Mr. at the Klaxon concert!
Again, excellent tie.

verona nearbies
Good application of the three red-combo accessoires.


Coloured lolita and art in Verona

23 giugno, 2007

Art vernissage in Verona: having a look at some new-art sheets made by Paolo, young artist and designer from Milano.
Street chic was introduced by a well dressed, very nice and gentle lolita.

lolita verona

arte verona

verona and art

arte a verona

Paolo’s works try (sometimes) to create abstracted subjects.
What do you see in them?

art of verona
Any idea?

art in verona
Maybe a x-rayed head?

verona art
An insect? Or a butterfly?

Animalier collants

23 giugno, 2007

animalier collants
What can we say about this animalier collants / socks?
THE eighties detail.